Floor Maintenance Guide

SPORT Gym Floor Maintenance guide

  • Prevention
    • Place walk off mats at the doorway
    • Install felt pads on tables and chairs
    • Avoid excess moisture
  • Daily Dusting
    • Dry mop
    • Damp mop all spills apply profession hardwood floor cleaning solution if needed
  • Periodic Maintenance
    • Use the Sport or Commercial Cleaner as a tacking solution.  Change the cleaning pads as necessary.
  • Buffer
    • Shoe marks and scuffs can be buffed out using our diluted Sport or Commercial Cleaner solution and a white pad.

MFMA Floor Care Guide


SWEEP THE FLOOR DAILY with a properly treated dust mop. If the floor is used heavily, sweep it up to three times per day.


  • WIPE UP SPILLS and any moisture on the floor surface.


  • MAKE SURE THE HEATING/VENTILATING/AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM IS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY and set to maintain indoor relative humidities between 35 percent and 50 percent year round. In areas of consistently high or low outside humidity, a 15 percent fluctuation will not adversely affect the maple.


  • REMOVE HEEL MARKS using an approved floor cleaner applied with a soft cloth or a dust mop. Contact your floor finish manufacturer for approved cleaning products.


  • INSPECT FLOOR FOR TIGHTENING OR SHRINKAGE. During wet weather, check for water leakage around doors and windows. Remove debris from expansion voids.


ALWAYS PROTECT THE FLOOR when moving heavy portable equipment or lifts. Ensure portable equipment does NOT have crowned wheels or wheels that include center ridges remaining from the molding process. These types of wheels can create very significant point loads.

Never Do the Following:

  • NEVER shut down the ventilation system in your facility for a prolonged period of time.
  • NEVER clean your MFMA floor using scrubbing machinery or power scrubbers that use water. Water is your floor’s worst enemy!
  • NEVER attempt to modify or repair your MFMA sports floor without first consulting your MFMA contractor.
  • NEVER use household cleaning products or procedures. They can be harmful to the floor finish and to the wood and may leave floors sticky or slippery, and potentially harmful for athletes. Your MFMA finish manufacturer will recommend the proper cleaning and maintenance materials for your MFMA sports floor.